Sunday, January 10, 2010

Take me back

In the summer of 2008 my sister and I went to a fat camp. We were probably the only kids there that begged our parents rather than being forced to go there. We asked and asked and we really didn't think we were going to get to go because it was really expensive. But our parents surprised us about a month and a half before it started and we were SOOO HAPPY. We were ready to lose weight and had done weight watchers but needed that extra help. Before I went to the camp I lost 20 pounds. Let me tell you, this camp was the best experience of my entire life. Like the blogging community, it just makes it easier when you have people around you struggling with the same things and the support was amazing. I made amazing friends there and some I still talk to. But my motivation at that camp was ridiculous, my whole spirit was a different person. We worked out all the time and ate so well, and everyone accepted you for who you were. There was no judging and it just made an amazing atmosphere where you just felt amazing. Well at camp I lost 22 pounds in 6 weeks and gained amazing friends and i was in so much better shape! But the thing is that when my sister and I got home, we felt like we didn't get real food for so long so we treated ourselves. Then, we didn't know how to get back into things. The problem with the camp is that they show you how to portion, which is amazing, but they don't really give you all healthy foods. Like we'd have fries and pizza, but portioned. I think we should have been eating healthier portioned things but It did teach me about portions and I went back to weight watchers when I got home. I'm so embarassed to say that i have gained ALL the weight back, even a little more. It just makes me feel so disgusting and horrible. It scares me because I felt so good after losing the weight and all it took was a little hard times in my family and friends to get me back to emotional eating. But this time I know you have to fix the inside too. But the point of this post is I found all the pictures from camp yesterday when I was cleaning my room and they really got me back to thinking like I did at camp. And I just think, remember how you felt at camp? get that fire back. So I'm posting some pictures from camp for a little extra motivation for myself! (they are HORRIBLE quality because i had to take pictures of the prints and my camera sucks)

Oh, and every year they have a guest. Well the year I went they had all the biggest losers from the season where Ali won!! she is SO nice and I loved Bernie he was there too! We ran together! And Jen actually worked there! But we got to meet and take pictures with them all but Ali and Bernie were my favorite :)

:) I have all these posted around my room for motivation!


  1. That's some pretty wonderful motivation. I wish someone had forced me into fat camp when I was young, I wish someone had cared. I'm rootin for ya kiddo!

  2. Ali is fantastic. Have you read her book, "Believe It, Be It!"? That girl is awesome. And she loves hugging people!

  3. Awww... Lovely photos! You do look really happy in them. :o)

    I think it's important to teach about healthier foods, but it's also useful to know about portion control if you're faced with a food situation that's beyond your control and the healthier option isn't always available... A balance of the two would have been the best approach. :o)

  4. I love your smile! You're so pretty.

    So tell me, how did you get so darn smart at such a young age? It took me FOREVER to figure out the stuff you already know. Pretty impressive.

    I'm glad you're on fire. I just know you can and will do this. You have the spark and the will, you will succeed and make your dreams become a reality.


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