Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Well as much as I don't want to go to weight watchers, I'm going. I used to do that-when I gained I wouldnt go and I told myself id lose it all plus more the next week. well a month later i was up weight and thats how i gained so much. so I am NOT doing that. I am going, weighing in, what happens happens, and then work hard for the next week. Gym tomorrow :)


  1. Thanks for the comment and the questions! I guess I dont have a staple ingredient list because I like to cook SO many DIFFERENT things. I prefer whole foods over processed adn enjoy making healthy food at home as opposed to dining out. I guess Im not much of a help as to what you should stock up on sorry :(

    Those tortillas you have to HUNT for- MISSION is the brand and they are corn THIN tortillas. I bake them as chips-cut them into triangles and spray PAM on them- and use them as taco shells by just throwing them in a fry pan (no oil) to heat up a little.

    Best of luck to you on your journey! :)


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