Thursday, January 21, 2010

A journey of a thousand miles

begins with one step. I LOVE this quote. Today my mama went out for a day for herself after work and got a haircut and did a little shopping and such. Well of course being the amazing person she is she ended up picking up a gift for me!! When she told me that I couldn't think of anything she could possibly get. Then she went into the bag and brought out this amazing ring. It is sterling silver and it twists in the middle and engraved on it is this quote. She said she'd thought I'd like it referring to my weight loss journey. like...Like...LIKE?!?! I LOVED IT. I'm obsessed actually. I've been wanting for over a year now a ring with something engraved in it to remind me to do good with my weight loss. I did get the ring of my dreams for christmas but it isn't anything to do with my weight loss. This is exactly what I wanted and I'm so happy it will definitley help me! Also, I told you I sent a picture through Thinnerview. Well today the pictures came...DAMN! I am skinny! I couldn't believe it!! But my scanner isnt working and OF COURSE we have no camera...whats the deal with no cameras on thursday, "progress picture day thursday" I swear, Can't win! But I am doing well went to the gym today and I am getting a battery charger for my professional camera tomorrow hopefully so Pictures then, and also I will probably be putting up some of my photography progressively because it is fun!! :)

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