Thursday, January 7, 2010


really sucks when you're fat. Today I went shopping with my best friends and it was really really fun. I helped them pick out clothes and honestly, that is one of my favorite things to do. I've always been fat so when my friends and i would go to the mall they would all want to shop and buy cute clothes. But I was ALWAYS the one in the fitting room, holding stuff, and giving opinions. After a while i became really good at it and people would ask me to help them! And i love fashion so when I help someone with clothes I get really excited because I can't wear what I want, so I basically live through them! I love helping people find just the right things and I'm always honest about how it looks. But while i love dressing other people, once in a while it makes me feel really really bad about myself. I want to be the one trying on clothes I love and it actually fitting and being confident enough to even crack the dressing room door let alone ask someone's opinion! Today was so fun but it made me kind of depressed. People have been telling me it's great that i'm losing the weight while i'm young. and its true, i need to make the changes now. But i feel like while i am young, i am turning 18 in 3 months. My childhood and teen years are basically gone and this is the time to hang out at the mall and pick cute clothes and just basically be young. I just feel like i've wasted so much time. So this is another set of goals:
1. To go shopping with friends and try on clothes and ask opinions! And of course have it fit!
2. Be able to borrow clothes from friends.
I hate when you end up going to someone's house and it rained, or you spilled something, or you are spontaniously sleeping over. Because they always say "you can borrow something". I mean, OF COURSE I would want to borrow something, but the pair of pants you just handed me will hardly cover my ankle! And then they do that "oh no, i have a really big t-shirt and sweatpants". Hmm...that's funny...i didn't know size medium was the new really big.  I hate it so much and i get self conscious about it and have to go all the way back to my house and spend an hour finding an outfit to sleep in that looks semi-okay. I just want to be able to wear what I want! But all in all, my day was really good. I got to see my amazing friends, they bought amazing things, I ate good, and gym class KICKED MY ASS. I'm going to feel it tomorrow but it's worth it!!
**I was planning on posting the weekly picture, but of course it was the one day my mom took the camera to work and forgot it and the webcam comes up like crap. So they will be posted tomorrow!!


  1. Looking forward to your new photos! Over the years I have developed a deep appreciation for :)

  2. I've totally been there! It sucks going into "skinny girl" stores, where you have to dig and HOPE they have your size. My favorite store is J Crew and they never carry a size bigger than a 12 whenever I go in there. Maybe a size 14 on a good day. So I hear ya! Keep up the good work though!

  3. I remember being your age and shopping for clothes. My friends were a size 3 and a size 5. I was the big cow, size 12. It was horrible! They would get the cutest stuff and all my stuff was horrible ugly. They even made me go with them to a store called 3-5-7. It only carried size 3, 5 and 7 clothes. It was torture!

    But you're going to fix this, you are going to lose weight, get healthy, and fit into all the cute clothes. Great goals and know you'll make it!

  4. Hi Kelly!
    I just found your blog from Diana's post-great job! I am officially a follower. :)

    Diana-I remember 3-5-7 too! I HATED going into that place and waiting while my friends tried on all the cute stuff and no one even asked if they could help me because I obviously couldn't fit into anything they had (shudder). I wish we'd had all the resources then that kids have today. Because everyone deserves to feel pretty no matter what size they are!

    And Kelly-I so had that "can't borrow anything" syndrome and yes, it sucks. But you sound like a savvy girl with a good head on her shoulders, reading your post reminded me of Ashley Falcon, the stylist at Marie Claire. I just recently discovered her column-she is AWESOME! If you aren't familiar with her work, you can check out her columns & blog on their website.

    Thanks for putting yourself out here to inspire the rest of us! Cheers-Margo


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