Sunday, January 10, 2010

Day with Ash :)

So my best friend Ashley LOVESSSSSS her food. And I love her cleaning :) So whenever my room gets to a point where you can't get in anymore, i call her. She comes over to help me clean and I feed her. Well yesterday I made her fake chicken parmesan and wheat linguini pasta. I'm a vegetarian so I eat meat substitute and veggie patties a lot. Well when she comes over she always wants some and I tell her to back off. So she wanted me to make her something with them. I took an italian seasoned "chick'n" patty and baked it with tomato sauce and fat free mozarella cheese. Then served it with the wheat pasta-SO GOOD! It was amazing! and it was like 7 points and filling to a point where we didn't finish...and that's saying a lot for us. But I didn't stop there, I had to make dessert too! (my room was took us 6 hours...and we found a dead mouse in a STANDING UP waterbottle...i don't know how it's possible either) So anyway, I made this for dessert- It was 1/2 cup light chocolate ice cream-they didn't have froyo :( but i topped it with a heated up raspberry jam sauce-2 tbsp. and then fresh blueberries, strawberries, raspberries, and black berries- SOO GOOOOOD! And only 4 points!! I have a picture for you here:

I was so proud! It was delicious!

I also added a picture of the 5 point banana pancakes I made to the Accountability post! So check that out!


  1. You're doing amazing! Whole wheat pasta, fresh fruit for dessert. You make me proud!

    Now about that dead mouse in a water bottle. OH MY GOD! That's hysterical. Totally cracked me.

    You're so lucky to have a good friend like Ash to help you clean. I need a friend like that. :)

  2. Is it wrong that I kinda wanted to see a pic of that mouse? Hehe.

    That dessert looks yum and the dinner sounds delicious!

    Keep it up! That t-shit will be falling off you before you know it.


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