Saturday, January 9, 2010

Hatin' on the Healthy

I HATEEEEEEE it when people take it upon themselves to voice their opinion about you trying to eat healthy. My Dad is the biggest annoyance. I try to go to the grocery store with him and pick out the whole grain products and all that good stuff. And he always says "Kelly, i'm not buying that crap. it costs twice as much and you're just going to go eat something else unhealthy anyway". WOWWWWWWWWWW you're so lucky you're my dad or you'd be knocked out. I HATE it when he tells me that. Wow dad! thanks for being so supportive! NOT. It's really discouraging and annoying. Or when someone goes " EW what is that? it looks like (fill in the blank with the most disturbing things you can think of). Oh! yes! now I definitley don't miss the real version! What the heck I'm trying to be good! Gahh! And then there are the people that tell me "oh you shouldn't eat that because even though it's low in calories and it's just about the most perfect snack you could have, it is filled with chemicals and that's what makes it so low in calories. And of course i'm not going to want to eat it now! You can't win! So then i'm stuck with grapes or something which, don't get me wrong, i LOVE grapes...but so does everyone else. So you take the time to count out every single grape that you hand pick out of the bag because you only get so many for your points. Only to get so excited about them and get to class and have some grabby hands begging for them. yeah right back off! i counted these! After a while, i started counting extra ones to give away. UGHHH Am I alone in this?!


  1. healthy food can definitely be more expensive. you'll eventually find healthy mildly inexpensive food. when i first *first* started WW- I liked pretzel rods (1pt each) to snack on or portioning out chips. Got me through those moments I was majorly having trouble giving up the junk food. I realized I could still have whatever I wanted as long as I portioned it out :) baby carrots are always a good healthy (and cheap!) snack too!

  2. Aww.. It's a shame your dad isn't more encouraging. It wouldn't do anyone (whether they needed to lose weight or not) to eat more wholegrains and less junky food! Funny thing is, rubbish food makes me feel like rubbish, and it's only after eating healthily for several months that I've realised that!

    Keep up the good work. :)

  3. Hey I just found your blog and I wanted to say keep up the awesome work! You are doing so so well. It is really annoying when people try to sabotage your healthy eating, or try to make you feel bad about it. I always think people feel threatened, and feel like THEY should be eating healthier... so they say things to make themselves feel better. Stay strong!

  4. Diane sent me over to your blog. Trust me, kiddo, there are 'diet-busters' everywhere. Makes no never mind if you are young or old, they are there. My daughter is my worst diet enemy. I love her, but she thinks it is mean of me not to eat all the junk she wants to eat. *sigh* You stick to your guns, and make them ALL ashamed of themselves when you've reached your HEALTHY self.

  5. I agree with the post above. I don't know why in the world people feel like the world won't go on unless we hear their horrible, negative opinions. If you can't say something nice don't say anything has been replaced by criticize everything! Keep it up and just know that people that are criticizing do not have all the facts, are probably unhappy with themselves, and have to point out something negative in you so they don't feel bad. Keep it up! Don't listen to all the junk!


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