Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Berry Good Day!

wow, i'm so punny! Well today i had an AMAZING day!! I had the most amazing meals that i cooked myself and impressed myself! I just tryed new things I just threw stuff together and I was like DANGGGG I'm the next Emeril!! I also documented it for all of you...okay it was really for myself but it was fun :)

For breakfast, I made the fiber one pancakes. I've made these a few times but today I was like hmm, let's add some fresh blueberries! then I decided why stop there, why not get a little crazy?! so i added slices of bananas...let me tell you, i did not need syrup. they were soooo good. But it was a little hard to cook the batter so they didn't turn out pretty, but they did turn out tastey :) Here's some pictures!!

Here they are cooking!


A delicious bite...don't mind the random pill!

For a snack I had yogurt and fresh blackberries. Which is already amazing, but it wasn't just any was BANANA yogurt! I LOVEEE bananas and i don't know why i have never seen or thought about banana yogurt, it is the best thing of life! AH! It tastes almost like a custard, i just about died!

And then after school my friends and I went and got manicures because my best friend Jazz is going to Cali tomorrow! Well afterwards my friend Lindsey and i hung out at my house. Well, me and Lindsey haven't seen eachother in a while so we were just talking and catching up and I had the sudden urge to cook. I was going to have a Lean Cuisine but I was like can i cook for you? and of course she said yes! It literally took me an hour but it was fun! I made wheat pasta with sauteed veggies and Fat Free mozzarella. It took so long to chop all the veggies and get the onion and bell pepper just right, but it was amazing! And the thing I don't like about wheat pasta is it has the really starchy after taste that i don't like. Well I randomly decided to cook it with vegetable boullion water instead and it was amazing!! The pasta soaked all the juice up, i didn't even have to drain anything and it gave it amazing flavor and it was almost creamy. Ah it was so good! my friend was impressed and then Jazz came over and made me make it for her all over again!

chopping the vegetables!

Final product :)
Then, Ashley and I (work out buddy!) Went to the gym at 9! it was amazing and then i came home and saw the amazing comments from my followers :) Ah life is good today!


  1. Ok... I have to say it... I want those pancakes!!! :)

  2. Hi, again!

    I'm a journalism grad student (last semester and then I get my Masters, whooo!!!) I work at a mixed martial arts website (I love MMA and the UFC), so I figured I'd just combine the two. And BAM... I have a Masters Project. :)

  3. Those pancakes look absolutely amazing... @.@ I am so envious right now!

  4. omg that food looks soooo delish!!! You seriously seriously taunt this PMSing girl.

  5. looks delicious! It's awesome to see you're so excited about healthy food!

  6. Thank you for the award! :o) Your food looks delicious! I wish I could cook... lol

  7. That looks sooo good!! And thank you SO MUCH for my beautiful blogger award, as soon as I think of my 7 interesting things, I'm going to post about it tonight!!!

  8. I love banana too! Your post made me think of tthe posted on tj's test kitchen yesterday. Check out her awesome banana dessert-I think it was only 2 points! And the pasta looks awesome too, I know I keep saying this but I wish I'd had it as together as you when I was your age!

  9. Wow, you're quite an "amazing" little chef!

    Everything looks just, well, "amazing!".

    Now I'm hooked on whole wheat pasta. I actually read this yesterday and made some last night. It was so good I made some more tonight. Really delicious. Thanks for the great food ideas...they're just "amazing!". :)

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