Wednesday, December 30, 2009


The main reason I decided to make a weight loss blog was for the accountability. As we say in Weight Watchers, "You bite it you write it. You drink it you ink it." If you know you have to write down what you're putting in your mouth you'll think twice about it. If it's something you feel bad about writing down, chances are you shouldn't be eating it!! It's okay to eat our favorite foods once in a while but we have to PORTION them; that's the secret! Today I feel AMAZING! I woke up and went to the gym for over an hour and it was exhilarating! However, this one girl there did piss me off. She was so skinny her legs were like rods. At first I was like "WOWWWWW bitch. you're so skinny i'm jealous." But then I was like "eh, at least shes TOO skinny. like she's probably so weak!" yeah... Then I was on the leg press. There are 2 leg presses side by side and each one works either the inside or outside of the thigh. So I go on the one that works the outside and I do 85 pounds. I'm feeling all strong and cool. Getting into it feeling pumped. Then I go to the other machine. Well, this girl goes onto the one I was just on and out of the corner of my eye I see her move the stick for the weights. I'm thinking "hell yeah...she's so weak I'm so strong!" So I look over and I had to do a double take...this psycho was doing 145 pounds!!!!!!!!!! I was like "WHAT!!!!!!!!" i couldn't believe it. I was waiting for her chicken legs to snap! But as much as it sucked to see that she was strong and tiny as hell, it motivated me to work out harder! Sorry for the random story...had to share! :) Hmm...where was I going with this. Oh! My day! So yes, after the gym I went home and made myself 2 small fiber one pancakes with half a banana, 1/4 cup sugarfree syrup, reddi whip, and nutmeg...all for 5 weight watcher points!!!! It was so good! Here's a picture!

 And for dinner I ended up having 2 oz of pasta but i cooked it in vegetable boullion so i didn't need a sauce. Then halfway through I decided to add some onion to the water. Well, the onion turned out perfect and I ended up with a 4 point gourmet romen noodle!! I had a salad with it too! So I had a really good day. And for dessert I had Zac Efron for zero points!! Well, I wish but I did watch 17 again and it motivated me to be skinny even more haha. Well, that's all for now!

^Now THAT'S some motivation!


So I have been in this HORRIBLE sleep pattern where I go to bed a like 3 am and won't wake up until 1 in the afternoon! So today even though I went to bed at 3:30, I broke the pattern! I got up and I was going to go to the gym! However, I cannot find a sports bra to save my life! I do have an Aerie's gift card, and I think I'm going there to get one! (too bad my car has no gas!) I should walk there! I'd burn so many calories! But specific workout clothes are good to have for exercise becuase 1. they are MADE for the job! and 2. you'll feel so sporty in them you'll want to hit the gym! But Aerie has GREAT stuff at affordable prices and they have sizes from like XS-XXL! And its all so cute!
Here's some stuff I want and the website you can checkout to see what you like!

Adorable, and so comfortable!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Week 2 and 3 (sorry!)

Today, I was remotivated all over again. Tracy asked "what do you want from your weightloss. Why do you want to lose weight?" And she wanted us to think about what motivates us. Well, my first reaction was of course, I want to look good. I want to like myself. Then it went to smaller things like I want to find a prom dress without crying in the dressing room and feeling like crap. I want to wear a pair of jeans. I want to shop! But then I realized what I really want. I want a boyfriend, someone to love me. I want to one day have children and I just want to be happy. And when there is food around I need to think: Does this one moment taste better than happiness? Is this one moment of food more important than all the other moments of life? NO. In fact, I'm single-handedly killing myself. I'm commiting suicide! Being overweight brings upon horrible health risks and it makes me self conscious to not want to LIVE my life. I'm so ready to go full speed on getting my life back! Anyway, here's the pictures!

Monday, December 28, 2009

Update! Merry Christmas!

I know i've been slacking I've been ridiculously busy. So much stuff going on. But I need to make sure I can take the time for my weight!!!! That's something really important. Well we've had the enemy this week, Christmas! But I have some tips that helped me through it, most are from my HERO tracy!!

1. Eat before you leave. It may seem wasteful to eat before you go to a party with a ton of food, but it will pay off. If you go to the party hungry it’s like going unarmed. You’re most likely going to end up eating something you’ll regret. Eat before to curve your appetite and hold you to dinner.

2. Bring a dish you know you can eat. The problem with trying to eat well at a party is sometimes there are no healthy options. But you can always bring something you know you can eat! You can find great recipes online, especially!

3. Wear tight clothing. If you wear something that is a little tighter, you won’t want to go hog wild. The feeling of being bloated will feel so unbelievable uncomfortable. On the other hand, if you wear your old maternity pants for some breathing room, you will most likely fill that room!

4. Clean, don’t prepare. If grandma asks you to help cook in the kitchen politely decline and offer your hands for clean up instead. When you are cooking, you are constantly picking at the food. On the other hand, when you’re cleaning you’re scraping the unwanted leftovers into the trash!

5. Socialize. This is a party! It’s not the food you get to see once a year it’s your family that came out all the way from across the country! Instead of snacking on small appetizers talk to people! Your challenge is to find out something new about each person. Not only will socializing take your mind off the food, but it will also give you a chance to catch up with everyone!

6. Balance. When it comes time to dig into the feast, choose wisely about what you’re putting on your plate. Don’t deprive yourself but don’t take everything. Fill your plate with salad, veggies, and lighter things. Then, pick one or two things you love the most and put just a dollop on your plate! They say you only taste the first three bites anyway!

7. Don’t let your food touch. When you’re putting your food on your plate, keep in mind to not let anything touch. Studies have shown that when you don’t let your food touch, you eat less. This is because instead of looking at your plate and seeing a huge heap of food, you see each thing individually and focus on what you’re eating to get full satisfaction without overeating.

8. Drink water constantly. Drinking water after every few bites will clear you pallet so you can fully taste every bite. Also, water will help fill you up! After you’ve finished your plate, drink a glass of water and sit for about 15 minutes. If you’re still hungry definitely go back and get some veggies or lean mean. This way you’re not fully hungry when the dessert plate comes out.

9. Watch the alcohol. For those of you who are of age, alcohol is the number one enemy! Alcohol can have a lot of calories and after so many of them; you don’t even realize what you’re eating! This is double bad news!! So do yourself a favor and have just one drink (it is a party!!).

10. Dessert. Like I said before, don’t deprive yourself. But, don’t go crazy either. When dessert comes out you can have one of your favorite cookies or whichever is your favorite. But only have one; proportion is key. You could also have a special healthier dessert that you have waiting at your house. That way, you won’t need the other desserts because you have something to look forward to!

Hope these help you!! pictures coming! :)

Just so you know, these tips are good for ANY party or get-together, not just Christmas!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Week 1

Hey guys! The shirt came in the mail today which is perfect!! Except i took new pictures for this week and though i have lost some weight (i'm not telling you how much until later!) i feel like i look BIGGER this picture!! i look like a giant starburst!! But heres the picture! i've gone to the gym every day this week! i'm so happy! wow. the funny thing about this blog is i have no followers. I'm the only one who reads this but that's okay. here's the picture for all you imaginary people:

Monday, December 7, 2009

Buddy System!

I have been going to the gym with my friend Hailey!!! It's so motivating to have her there with me. I barley notice I'm working out when we're just talking and hanging out! Also, today on the elliptical i stayed on longer than the workout term because I was so intrigued in a "Friends" episode! I find it so much easier to stay on the whole time (and more apparently!) while being distracted with my gym's t.v. Plus you don't feel bad for watching t.v. because you're being active! I also have been eating healthy, delicious food! I find it so much more satisfying to have a salad before my dinner. It's healthy and fills me a little before so I don't dive into the meal. So these are the latest tips: Bring a friend to workout, it's actually fun! And try to distract yourself from what you're doing so you don't give up easy and you can go longer if you're subconciously doing it! Lastly, portion control is key. The trick with it is to make sure you taste every bite so you are left satisfied and don't need any more.
That's all for now! Picture coming this Thursday!

Saturday, December 5, 2009


is the most important meal of life. Yeah yeah everyone knows that. But seriously! It is the fuel that starts off your day and metabolism! Faster metabolism=burning more fat=burning more calories=lose more weight=what we want!!! But when you're going to work out in the morning, you shouldn't have your full breakfast before you go. You should have something small like some nuts or yogurt to give you some energy but wait to have the oatmeal or whatever until after. If you eat a filling meal before you go work out, you will get cramps and will feel sick and it will ruin your effort to exercise and you could get discouraged (trust me!). Plus, if you work out and then go to eat breakfast, it will curve your appetite and you won't go off track. Try to have something with protein in it. Not only for energy but after you work out, your muscles are tearing and trying to rebuild, that's how you get bigger muscles (according to what i hear, i'm not an expert!). But when you eat protein while your muscles are still warm you're much more likely to hold on to the muscle and the work you just did! That's why body builders are protein-addicts!! Personally, I'm vegetarian so it's harder for me to get protein but one breakfast I find amazing is a piece of whole grain toast with like a tablespoon of peanut butter and half a banana sliced on top. It's amazing!! Okay, that's all for now!

Friday, December 4, 2009


from Olive Garden are the enemy!! Today I went to a restaurant with a school club and usually I LOVE the breadsticks but today I did not touch one!! Usually, they say don't deprive yourself but I knew I couldn't have just one so I didn't have any. I got the minestrone soup and it was super filling! I also got the salad and while I did have a bite of my friend's pasta, I did amazing compared to usual. And I drank a lot of water! Usually I would probably get a light pasta, but I would fill up on soup and breadsticks and then eat like all the pasta at home later. I felt so much better today and it was so much cheaper! Plus I was more engaged in the conversation than what was on my plate!

Usual Meal: 3 breadsticks, bowl of minestrone soup, capellini pomodoro pasta- 1390 calories!!
Revised meal (super filling and didn't feel sick or guilty afterwards!): bowl and a half of minestrone, salad, bite of pasta (bite estimated)- approx. 600 calories!! That's less than half!

Tip: If you're going out to eat, go online and check out what you would want to order and check the nutrition facts. Most places have them posted online. Trust me, if you see that something is a ton of calories, you won't want to get it. And you can find a healthier choice! The key is to be PREPARED!

Thursday, December 3, 2009


I will look like this! I am horrified! As promised, I am punishing you with these photographs. But They will really help to show my progress. Okay, if you dare...:


I'm going to the gym tonight! I used to go religiously but haven't been in a while. I did Jillian Michael's SHRED video and let me tell you, that will KICK your ass! But haven't done that in a while either. So I'm glad I'm actually going because the hardest part of working out is getting started. Once you're there, in the zone, motivation materializes and it's so much easier. It's easier to go with a friend but sadly no one is available that belongs. But my new motivation is Prom! Also, the first BEFORE picture is coming very soon, maybe tonight. The shirt will take like a week and I dont have time! Hopefully I won't look the same in a week!! Sidenote: Another goal during this process is to wear a pair of jeans. Because of my weight I have not worn a pair of jeans in over 6 months...I feel gross. So I'm excited to get back into them!!!

If you want to try the 30 day shred from Jillian Michaels, I would recommend it. It's amazing and it's only 20 minutes long so it's easier to finish and convenient. You can get it on for as low as 5 dollars!! (and if you're wondering why I know so much about this crap, but I'm doing a weight loss blog: I've done this MANY times. The only difference is this is the last time. This time i'm actually going to lose the weight. Then maintain it. But I really want Hailey to do it with me!!)


I want to put up a picture of me now, and then each week take a picture. However, I find it most effective to be wearing the same shirt or outfit everyweek (like on biggest loser!) so I'm trying to order a t-shirt! But it's going to take a day or so. But it is coming!!! Yesterday was day 1 of my goal and it went really well. However, I am feeling really sick so I haven't worked out but I will be doing that!!! Exercise is vital! Pictures coming soon!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009


So basically I have been trying to lose weight my entire life. Yet, somehow I'm still fat. But I don't want to stay this size for my last days of high school. I want to lose weight for my senior prom so I feel good about going and buying a dress. I don't want to have a repeat of every other event and end up crying the day of with no dress, no date, and no confidence. I REFUSE. So I decided to make a blog so it will push my motivation knowing I have to write about it later and to see a result. I know I will probably be the only person to ever read this blog but that's okay. This blog is really for myself and maybe any other girl out there who is trying to lose weight especially for prom. I mean we've seen things about prom since we were kids in movies and from our older siblings; it's supposed to be amazing! So I plan on making mine just that :)

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