Wednesday, January 13, 2010

I'm honored

to have won a beautiful blogger award! I had no idea what it was but i'll take a try at it!

So i gues i'm supposed to write 7 things about myself. Well, that kind of annoys me because:
1.I have some weird pet peeves. First, I loathe odd numbers. They aren't even!! It's annoying it's like they are incomplete or something. I have a weird thing where I count everything. how many steps i take and they have to even on each foot or else i have to pretend to trip, and double up on one. yes, i know i think i have OCD or something. I also count all the letters in a word and try to make an even pattern in my i'm going to stop talking before i lose all my followers! Well another peeve is DVDs. I mean really, whats the point of upping the technology? VHS's were where it was at! You could buy them for cheaper, and let them bang around your house for 10 years, and guess what...they would NEVER skip. ugh i hate dvds! My last and biggest peeve i will share with you is cracking bones. it just makes me sick i dont know why. People think i'm weird but they know not to do it around me :)
2. My favorite thing to do in the whole world would probably be to drive around belting out to music with my friends. For some reason, it's just amazing! My favorite is when you can roll down the window and your hair is flowing like a movie! woo! But with gas prices...that activity has become quite expensive!
3. My favorite time of the year is Fall. I LOVEEEE it. I love the breeze and the way the air smells. I also love the beautiful scenery with the leaves changing colors and the crunch of the leaves crushing under your shoes. I LOVE going on walks in the fall :)
4. I live in the past, it's actually quite unhealthy. I always think "what if" or "did i do this right". I really can't let anything go. That's why I'm going so crazy with Jackie.Last time we were supposed to hang out i called her and she was at work. Then I got a message from her asking if i wanted to hang out after she got off. Well i already made plans and said no. I wish I had hung out with her. And i know it's not like i knew, but i'm just one of those that live in the past and i hate it.
5. Ironically, I think about the future A LOT. I over analyze everything so planning college is ridiculous. I change my mind about everything not becuase I don't know what I want, but because there are so many factors to everything. Like well i want to go away for college because i want to experience things in life. Or should i stay home for college and be with my family? I don't know! Should i do what i love and be a photographer, or do what i love second and make money? sajfkals It's crazy! I cant wait until im like 200 years old and i just get to be the wise grandma.
6. Out of all the things I hate about my body, which is alot, the most i'm pissed about is my hair. I mean yes, i understand, I'm fat but really?! i couldn't even have some damn hair?! I swear I'm like a serial killer reincarnated and I'm being punished in this life! My hair is literally so thin you can see through it. That's why i dyed it dark it helps a little. But i can't have long hair which makes me feel a little prettier because it gets long and stringy. I cant curl it because i will literally have 5 curls and scalp. GAH! it makes me so mad. I hate girls that have amazing hair and take it for granted.and OF COURSE everyone in my family has good hair but me! :(
7. Hmmm, number 7. The final (odd) one. What can i tell you in a couple sentences about myself? Well the one thing i'm looking for in life is pure happiness. I know, everyone else is too. But i mean that's truly my one goal. I want to travel around the world and see people and cultures. There's so much outside of this bubble America. Kids starving and people that live in villages and we take it for granted every day. I just want to live my life with no regrets. But to start it, yes i have to lose weight. And i hate that everything i do comes back to my weight. So i want to lose it so my weight no longer defines me. Instead, I just want to be able to be myself and it be enough. I know we've all been there. When we walk into a grocery store and swear we can hear rude remarks. I just want to be done being paranoid and live :)

Now, I have to award 7 others! Yay! Well i recieved this from the amazing Diana and I would truly want to put her on her but i dont know if thats allowed seeing she gave it to me...she says she doesnt like awards so i wont make her do it again but know diana you would be on there! actually, you would all be on there but this is at random! you're all amazing!! :)

hahaha this is almost in perfect alphabetical! creeeeeeepy !


  1. You and I are so alike it's crazy!!! My hubby will purposely put the radio volume on an odd number to piss me off. I just punch doesn't help.

  2. Thank you so much! I am really touched :)

    Guess I have to come up with 7 things now? (7, btw, is the number which symbolizes the union of the spiritual with the material, which I think makes it a good number for something like this!)

    And you are terrific just as you are RIGHT NOW. Your weight is, at best, what I like to call a "temporary beauty problem." And there is no head of hair that the right stylist can't fix. I've been with mine for over 7 years (there's that number again!)

    Thanks so much for the nomination, Kelly and thank you MORE for your awesome blog!

  3. You are just freaking amazing! I love your seven things.

    There's something really special about you Kelly. You're so open and honest and sweet and funny. I know you're going to have a really great life, simply because you're a really great person.

    About the cracking bones, oh my gosh, me too. They drive insane. There's a guy at work that's always cracking his knuckles even though he know it annoys the heck out of me. I literally cringe when I hear it.

    Great post! I feel like I know you a lot better now.

  4. Why don't you cut your hair and get it colored? That might make you feel better about it? :)

  5. thanks for the award! I love your list of things about yourself. Definitely agree with #3! Love fall! And I used to drive around blasting music with my friends back in HS too. But that was like 7 years ago... gas was def cheaper! :)


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