Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Hey shawty, it's my birthday

And i'm going to party like it's my birthday! In weight watchers my leader Tracy, which sorry, sidetrack moment, is my legit hero. She is so amazing it's unreal. She is hilarious and everytime i go to a meeting i burn so many calories laughing! She's the best so she trains people alll the time and it's so funny because usually her trainees suck. But i guess it's becuase we're comparing them to Tracy, who is not comparable! But anyway...oh yes Tracy always tells us to make mini goals. So I'm making a mini goal! My 18th birthday is coming up on March 28th!! It's a bitter sweet feeling. I'm excited to "be and adult" and finally have all these privilages like being able to hold a damn puppy at the pet store without my mom! And on the other hand I hate birthdays because every year I make a plan to be smaller by it, but never happens. WELL THIS IS THE YEAR BABY! On this woman Allison's blog I saw she wanted to lose 36 pounds by her 36th birthday. Well i love that goal it's fun and amazing! So I decided I want to lose 18 pounds by my 18th birthday. I think that's pretty doable! So this year when it's my birthday I will feel good about the attention being on me :)


  1. What a great mini-goal — and totally do-able. Go get 'em, Kelly!

  2. Oh wow; we're almost birthday-buddies! March 25th over here. (I'm going to be 20 this year. Bah.)

    I really, REALLY like this idea of losing X amount of pounds by your X birthday. I don't know if I can lose 20 by the time the end of March rolls around, but I'm definitely going to try. :)

  3. awesome goal! mini goals are def the way to go :)


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