Tuesday, May 25, 2010

hey hey hey

wow it's been a long time-too long! i haven't been writing for a while because there has been SO much going on. There has been some family stuff happening and I was using food for a way out;but not anymore. this last week i have been on weight watchers fully and I am feeling good. I am cooking more and relaxing a bit more because school is out! i am done with high school, it's crazy! But now i have even more time to devote to getting in shape. I have made a pact with my friend to go to the gym everyday and kick our butts. I have been having trouble lately because my back has been KILLING me. I don't know what it is it just randomly started hurting and it's really bad. I don't want to go to the doctor!! I hate doctors :( But it is another wake up call to get my butt moving and in shape. I should be writing more regularly againnn :) I've missed you all!

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