Wednesday, December 30, 2009


The main reason I decided to make a weight loss blog was for the accountability. As we say in Weight Watchers, "You bite it you write it. You drink it you ink it." If you know you have to write down what you're putting in your mouth you'll think twice about it. If it's something you feel bad about writing down, chances are you shouldn't be eating it!! It's okay to eat our favorite foods once in a while but we have to PORTION them; that's the secret! Today I feel AMAZING! I woke up and went to the gym for over an hour and it was exhilarating! However, this one girl there did piss me off. She was so skinny her legs were like rods. At first I was like "WOWWWWW bitch. you're so skinny i'm jealous." But then I was like "eh, at least shes TOO skinny. like she's probably so weak!" yeah... Then I was on the leg press. There are 2 leg presses side by side and each one works either the inside or outside of the thigh. So I go on the one that works the outside and I do 85 pounds. I'm feeling all strong and cool. Getting into it feeling pumped. Then I go to the other machine. Well, this girl goes onto the one I was just on and out of the corner of my eye I see her move the stick for the weights. I'm thinking "hell yeah...she's so weak I'm so strong!" So I look over and I had to do a double take...this psycho was doing 145 pounds!!!!!!!!!! I was like "WHAT!!!!!!!!" i couldn't believe it. I was waiting for her chicken legs to snap! But as much as it sucked to see that she was strong and tiny as hell, it motivated me to work out harder! Sorry for the random story...had to share! :) Hmm...where was I going with this. Oh! My day! So yes, after the gym I went home and made myself 2 small fiber one pancakes with half a banana, 1/4 cup sugarfree syrup, reddi whip, and nutmeg...all for 5 weight watcher points!!!! It was so good! Here's a picture!

 And for dinner I ended up having 2 oz of pasta but i cooked it in vegetable boullion so i didn't need a sauce. Then halfway through I decided to add some onion to the water. Well, the onion turned out perfect and I ended up with a 4 point gourmet romen noodle!! I had a salad with it too! So I had a really good day. And for dessert I had Zac Efron for zero points!! Well, I wish but I did watch 17 again and it motivated me to be skinny even more haha. Well, that's all for now!

^Now THAT'S some motivation!

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