Thursday, December 3, 2009


I'm going to the gym tonight! I used to go religiously but haven't been in a while. I did Jillian Michael's SHRED video and let me tell you, that will KICK your ass! But haven't done that in a while either. So I'm glad I'm actually going because the hardest part of working out is getting started. Once you're there, in the zone, motivation materializes and it's so much easier. It's easier to go with a friend but sadly no one is available that belongs. But my new motivation is Prom! Also, the first BEFORE picture is coming very soon, maybe tonight. The shirt will take like a week and I dont have time! Hopefully I won't look the same in a week!! Sidenote: Another goal during this process is to wear a pair of jeans. Because of my weight I have not worn a pair of jeans in over 6 months...I feel gross. So I'm excited to get back into them!!!

If you want to try the 30 day shred from Jillian Michaels, I would recommend it. It's amazing and it's only 20 minutes long so it's easier to finish and convenient. You can get it on for as low as 5 dollars!! (and if you're wondering why I know so much about this crap, but I'm doing a weight loss blog: I've done this MANY times. The only difference is this is the last time. This time i'm actually going to lose the weight. Then maintain it. But I really want Hailey to do it with me!!)

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