Friday, December 4, 2009


from Olive Garden are the enemy!! Today I went to a restaurant with a school club and usually I LOVE the breadsticks but today I did not touch one!! Usually, they say don't deprive yourself but I knew I couldn't have just one so I didn't have any. I got the minestrone soup and it was super filling! I also got the salad and while I did have a bite of my friend's pasta, I did amazing compared to usual. And I drank a lot of water! Usually I would probably get a light pasta, but I would fill up on soup and breadsticks and then eat like all the pasta at home later. I felt so much better today and it was so much cheaper! Plus I was more engaged in the conversation than what was on my plate!

Usual Meal: 3 breadsticks, bowl of minestrone soup, capellini pomodoro pasta- 1390 calories!!
Revised meal (super filling and didn't feel sick or guilty afterwards!): bowl and a half of minestrone, salad, bite of pasta (bite estimated)- approx. 600 calories!! That's less than half!

Tip: If you're going out to eat, go online and check out what you would want to order and check the nutrition facts. Most places have them posted online. Trust me, if you see that something is a ton of calories, you won't want to get it. And you can find a healthier choice! The key is to be PREPARED!

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