Monday, December 7, 2009

Buddy System!

I have been going to the gym with my friend Hailey!!! It's so motivating to have her there with me. I barley notice I'm working out when we're just talking and hanging out! Also, today on the elliptical i stayed on longer than the workout term because I was so intrigued in a "Friends" episode! I find it so much easier to stay on the whole time (and more apparently!) while being distracted with my gym's t.v. Plus you don't feel bad for watching t.v. because you're being active! I also have been eating healthy, delicious food! I find it so much more satisfying to have a salad before my dinner. It's healthy and fills me a little before so I don't dive into the meal. So these are the latest tips: Bring a friend to workout, it's actually fun! And try to distract yourself from what you're doing so you don't give up easy and you can go longer if you're subconciously doing it! Lastly, portion control is key. The trick with it is to make sure you taste every bite so you are left satisfied and don't need any more.
That's all for now! Picture coming this Thursday!

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