Monday, December 28, 2009

Update! Merry Christmas!

I know i've been slacking I've been ridiculously busy. So much stuff going on. But I need to make sure I can take the time for my weight!!!! That's something really important. Well we've had the enemy this week, Christmas! But I have some tips that helped me through it, most are from my HERO tracy!!

1. Eat before you leave. It may seem wasteful to eat before you go to a party with a ton of food, but it will pay off. If you go to the party hungry it’s like going unarmed. You’re most likely going to end up eating something you’ll regret. Eat before to curve your appetite and hold you to dinner.

2. Bring a dish you know you can eat. The problem with trying to eat well at a party is sometimes there are no healthy options. But you can always bring something you know you can eat! You can find great recipes online, especially!

3. Wear tight clothing. If you wear something that is a little tighter, you won’t want to go hog wild. The feeling of being bloated will feel so unbelievable uncomfortable. On the other hand, if you wear your old maternity pants for some breathing room, you will most likely fill that room!

4. Clean, don’t prepare. If grandma asks you to help cook in the kitchen politely decline and offer your hands for clean up instead. When you are cooking, you are constantly picking at the food. On the other hand, when you’re cleaning you’re scraping the unwanted leftovers into the trash!

5. Socialize. This is a party! It’s not the food you get to see once a year it’s your family that came out all the way from across the country! Instead of snacking on small appetizers talk to people! Your challenge is to find out something new about each person. Not only will socializing take your mind off the food, but it will also give you a chance to catch up with everyone!

6. Balance. When it comes time to dig into the feast, choose wisely about what you’re putting on your plate. Don’t deprive yourself but don’t take everything. Fill your plate with salad, veggies, and lighter things. Then, pick one or two things you love the most and put just a dollop on your plate! They say you only taste the first three bites anyway!

7. Don’t let your food touch. When you’re putting your food on your plate, keep in mind to not let anything touch. Studies have shown that when you don’t let your food touch, you eat less. This is because instead of looking at your plate and seeing a huge heap of food, you see each thing individually and focus on what you’re eating to get full satisfaction without overeating.

8. Drink water constantly. Drinking water after every few bites will clear you pallet so you can fully taste every bite. Also, water will help fill you up! After you’ve finished your plate, drink a glass of water and sit for about 15 minutes. If you’re still hungry definitely go back and get some veggies or lean mean. This way you’re not fully hungry when the dessert plate comes out.

9. Watch the alcohol. For those of you who are of age, alcohol is the number one enemy! Alcohol can have a lot of calories and after so many of them; you don’t even realize what you’re eating! This is double bad news!! So do yourself a favor and have just one drink (it is a party!!).

10. Dessert. Like I said before, don’t deprive yourself. But, don’t go crazy either. When dessert comes out you can have one of your favorite cookies or whichever is your favorite. But only have one; proportion is key. You could also have a special healthier dessert that you have waiting at your house. That way, you won’t need the other desserts because you have something to look forward to!

Hope these help you!! pictures coming! :)

Just so you know, these tips are good for ANY party or get-together, not just Christmas!

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