Monday, January 3, 2011

WANTED: Points Plus Help

Hey guys sorry I've been trying to upload this for days! haha but now I'm beast at it so no worries in the future!
Yay for a better quality camera :)


  1. Hi Kelly. I followed a link over here to check you out. I don't have any experience with weight watchers, so I can't help on that front, but I'm here for any support I can provide.

    I'm off to check out some more of your blog.

  2. Hi Kelly,
    I was reading another blog that pointed me to you and I'm glad that it did. I see me in you, in that I have been on this 'diet' for years and instead of losing any weight I have actually gained :O
    I don't know about these weightwatcher points things, I refuse to go to places like that now since they only make money on you failing, I can fail by myself and not cost me a thing. However over at there is a challenge going on that may benefit you. There have been a shit load of people following this plan and have lost a huge amount of weight. Why not join us on the challenge, what have you got to lose except some weight ;)
    Hope to see your name pop up in the challengers list. Can't wait to continue following you

  3. Hello aga, Kelly. I have a friend that has the new Weight Watchers info and I think she is done with it. If you email me at I will point you in her direction. I may have some other things i could offer you as well. :)

  4. Hi Kelly!

    Welcome to blogland! You will find everyone to be very supportive. We are all here for you.

    If you decide to continue on weight watchers, I have all of the brand new points plus info, and the complete food counts, new calculator, a cookbook..the whole kit. I would be happy to send it to you. I am not attending the meetings or following that plan as I thought I would and if you'd use the materials, I'd love them to go to someone that would use them rather than have it collect dust on my shelf. You can email me at if you'd like them.

    I had my points figured for me when I first joined, but I think the getting started booklet explains how to calculate your daily points allotment. The reason everything changed is WW is focusing more on trying to get members to eat whole foods..protein, fruits, veggies and some whole grains. Now, "empty" calorie items with more carbs have higher point values. Many of the foods have higher point values. You can't trust the numbers on the WW frozen stuff until the manufacturer has changed everything. But the book I have does have the correct numbers. However, though many foods that were say 2 points are now 3 or 4, your daily allotments is much higher. Where one may have had an allotment of say 30 points per day on the old plan, the new plan may give them 40..does that make sense? my understanding is that it's harder for those that have been on it for a long time. I know there has been some confusion about it floating around.

    Weight Watchers is a good, sensible plan..but there are many good, sensible plans..for free.

    Another GREAT tool that is free is MyPlate at It is a phenomenal calorie tracking tool. I know there are others that other bloggers love too.

  5. Hey Kelly, Allan can be emailed on

    If you check is blog, you will see that he has mentioned you on his blog as well. Give him an shout out email, he will be more than helpful to you.


  6. Hey girl,

    I found info on Wikipedia that gives fomulas for pointsplus as well as your daily range. I havent given it a try, but i thought i would give you the link. Looks like it was updated within the last few days.

    Take care!

  7. myfitnesspal is awesome and doesn't sound so confusing!


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