Sunday, January 9, 2011



  1. You have such a great attitude. That attitude will take you far in your weight loss journey!

  2. Hey Kelly,

    How did dinner go at the cafe? Great job on the 2 pound loss! Glad you have found a program moving forward. Oh, I wanted to an earlier post you mentioned your old favorite meal that used to be something like 6 points was a lot more. Did you ever figure out with your new materials if that is the case?

    Oh, I would love a review on that weight watchers scale if you can give one. I have a nice digital scale but think it would be nice to also have a point calculator as well when I am making a recipe. I only have an app on my ipad, the website, and the mobile website. It is a pain to start adding points on my phone when my fingers are sticky from cooking!

    Take care,

  3. WOOT WOOT!! Awesome job on the -2 loss!!! And wicked awesome dance skills!! ;)

    BTW... Love the "The onion really gives it the little crunch" AWESOME!! "Just kidding this is not a cooking show" I was all into it, listening to you talk about your food!! hahaha

    Way to go keep it up!! :)

  4. BTW... Stop by my blog!! You got an award!! :)

  5. You won an award, visit my page to check it out


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