Monday, January 3, 2011

Peace in Blog World?

I just want to take a moment to say I did not realize my hair looked THIS bad! I didn't think I just made a video!
And thanks again to everyone for their support <3


  1. Hey Kelly,
    I just watched your V-log, I didn't realise anyone had posted anything negative about you anywhere and if they have I am really sorry that you have to go through that. I am here to help support you which ever way I can, as will be allot of others. You do seem like a young person - much younger than me- but I must say, you are so mature for your 'assumed' age, and I am glad that Allan mentioned you on his blog or I may never have found you ;)

  2. Kelly you are so, SO young. i only wish i'd made the decision to lose weight at your age and maybe then i wouldnt have lived life to 25 being fat and hiding myself from the world. You are such a sweet, beautiful girl inside and out, i wish you the best on your journey and i know your going to succeed, i just hope its sooner rather than later because you have so much to live for and experience xo

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  4. You cannot 'cheat' on food. Its impossible. You will remain the same until the pain of remaining the same is greater than the pain of change.

    You can do this. You can have it. It can be yours.

  5. Kelly, you don't have to answer to people who are questioning you. Just ignore or delete :-)

    You can do anything you set your mind to.

  6. Did you go to the gym last night? That is all that matters kiddo :-) I spent so many years not walking outside or not going to gyms because I was worried about what everyone else was thinking about me. I finally had to get over that or I never would work out and only I was suffering for that choice. Keep moving forward! My triathlon coach doesn't care if you walk, run, or crawl to the finish long as you keep making forward progress! Just keep going, you are doing GREAT!!!

  7. I know exactly how you feel about setting specific goals. I had set the goal to lose 2 lbs a week when i first started and it's just not going to happen for me because of some meds I'm on. I'm really working on learning to be proud of ANY loss from week to week and sticking to my plan even when it's not what I want to see. The most important thing is to stick with your plan and get to the finish line even if it takes a little bit longer than you want it to. You can do it!

  8. Hey, Kelly! I meant to come over yesterday when I saw the link for your blog on Allan's blog. It's nice to see a video! HI! Welcome to the blogging weight loss sphere!!!!

    I've been in all three of Allan's previous challenges and am in the 4th and toughest one so far. It's helped me lose weight more than ANYTHING IN MY FRICKEN LIFE...and I've been to 3 registered dietitians since I was in my 20's in the 80's, tried asorted diets, WW three times, and always dropped out within a couple months. I've been losing nicely since June, and I don't feel demotivated, so something clicked. Yes!

    Challenges are not for everyone, but they apparently are for me. I'm the type of person--and you metioned something--who sets all these goals and plans, then never follows through. In reading books on procrastinaton and change, I've learned I need short term goals. Very short term, that leas to long-term eventually. So, I ditched my old blog and started my new one to set weekly and a 2 year goal to get to goal weight. The weekly goals worked. I can try for daily or weekly things. If I think "Oh, I have to lose 140 pounds" (I started at 300 lbs), I flake. If I say, "1 to 2 pounds THIS week, exercise Mon, Wed, Fri, no more than 500 calories per meal", then I can focus. It's concrete and its immediate or short-term.

    So, whether challenges are for you or not, you probably only know by trying. And if not, it's not. :)

    I wish you THE BEST and I hope next January 1, you and I can have bloggy celebrations about our great progress in 2011.

    Ignore the haters. But don't confuse tough love with hate, right? Some people come and tell us when we're screwing up or messing around or malingering or cheating, and that's fine. It's the ones who are real haters to beware. And with a blog, they will almost always show up. Just delete those comments and move along to your slim new self.

    Peace, girl!

  9. Hi Kelly! I really like my bodybugg it helps me to see exactly how many calories I am burning and it has really helped me to move more. I noticed on office days my burn was really low and it made me think that yea I just sit at my desk all day. I started walking around the office more, talking to people instead of emailing and lo and behold I started burning more calories :-). If you are good about logging food it tells you right there if you are in a deficit or a surpluss and I like that. They are a little pricey though...But that is what I have learned the most from it - make activity a part of your day...walk more, move more, do more it all really does add up. Hope that helps a little.

  10. I don't know what was said, but those people don't know you. I don't know you either but I'm sure you are an amazing, amazing person so don't listen to them!!!

  11. Well said Kelly! Ignore the negativity. As I said, this is not the place for it. We need people to lift us up, not tear us down. Most of us already work overtime on the self tear-down as it is. I think you're great and I know you'll succeed. I also get some criticism for not focusing on numbers . . .IMO continued general improvement matters more that specific goals. only YOU can determine what works best for you. You keep searching and gathering information. You can't know too much!


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