Friday, December 31, 2010

New year, New us!

I love that probably no one will watch this, but I have to say making videos makes you feel better than you'd think! :)

P.s. I have to say the fact that these videos work before i upload them and then decide to not match my words like an old kung fu movie is pissing me off so I'm sorry!


  1. Happy New Year!!! I am watching your videos...i think it is a great idea. I was just thinking that if I did something like that it would give me a reason to get dressed some days. My best friend and I were talking about your video ... she said "very brave"! She and I are both joining WW again on Monday and for the first time work towards the same goal. She lives in a different state but I hope we are able to support each other.

    As for New Years, it is a weird night full of guilt and a glimmer of hope. Trying to focus on my excitement to get myself into gear vs worrying about how I totally let myself down this year.

    New Beginnings!!!


  2. I have been studying the new points all day. I see what you mean! I am having to delete all my saved foods and start again. I am a junk food eater, so this may be what is required for me to start eating real food and less processed crap.

    i wish they had something better for the ipad, but the iphone and mobile websites are pretty good!

    hope you are having great day. I am watching football and dreaming of points...


  3. Kelly, I'm so glad you're back. I've missed you and often wondered what the hell happened to you. :)

    First of all, love the videos. Very cool.

    Second of all, sweetie, you're a beautiful and very neat person. Weight doesn't define you, but it does change your life. It sucks to be overweight. I know because I've been there and I too have put on weight recently.

    So, here's to a new year and a new you!

    Also, there's a blog I want you to start reading if you haven't already. This guy doesn't have all the answers, but what he's doing is really working for a lot of people. I think it could work for you too.

    Allan at You can send him an email for support too. He's may come across a little rough at times, but he's really a sweet guy.

    Take care...and I expect to see a post from you every day, okay?

  4. PS - love the hair. Why don't you like it? Very pretty. :)

  5. Hi Kelly! I am so impressed to see you trying to take control now, I was an overweight teenager who never went to Prom so I know where you are coming from! Now is the time to do it, I know you feel like there is plenty of time, but it goes by so fast! If you take it seriously and really learn about how it is just math...calories in/calories out and learn to make really tough choices! You can do it!

  6. I love the hair cut! Your hair is like mine, very fine and straight. I like it.

    I love the video! I have yet to make one, they scare the crap out of me! Keep posting! Keep making videos! There are people out there who are watching and who want you to succeed. We've all BEEN THERE!

    I agree with Diana, go to Allan's blog. He will tell you straight up what you need to do. Best part is HE IS RIGHT! He's lost a ton of weight and he's so confident that he is working his butt off helping other people.

    Make a plan! Start writing down everything you eat, that's what works for me. And I've still got a LONG way to go!! :-)

  7. I forget, my account goes to my recipe blog rather than my dieting blog, here is my dieting blog, I'd love to hear from you! :-)

  8. A friend just linked me to your blog. I am here for you. Believe that.

  9. Oh, and watch out for allan...he is mentally ill and full of crap.

    Dear Allan, Why is it that you dont take part in your own challenges or share your weigh ins with your followers? Why is it that if you are truly over six feet tall as you have mentioned that you do NOT look like you weigh in the realm of the 240s? Huh?


    Annie, an original fat bottomed girl.

  10. Guilt is a bad thing. It isn't a tool to lose weight. You are right about that. However, accountability is a GOOD thing and it is necessary to succeed in reaching any goal whether it be weight loss or something else. I"m amazed how the haters are following Allan from blog to blog to disparage him. He is tough. He takes no excuses and he makes no excuses for himself but he has last 160 pounds in less than a year. The question to ask yourself is what you really want. Do you want a pat on the back for and a hug to make you feel better when you slip and go off your food plan, or do you want real truth and encouragement from people who CARE about whether or not you succeed at getting healthy. I'll go for the tough love every time. That is what worked for me. That is what inspired me. That is what got me from 333 pounds to a normal weight. I honestly wish you the best of luck with your journey. My advice is to follow the advice of those who have succeeded or are succeeding. Obviously, they are doing something right somewhere.

  11. Ok. let's leave Allan out of this. He himself said that he is probably not the most suitable person to help Kelly and asked the rest of us to come support her.

    His diet plan does work, there is no doubt about that. If that's what you're interested in, google the information about the diets that gastric bypass patients follow. What he has done is follow that diet without going under the knife. Pretty smart plan, right? If you're in control of your own environment and the food around you, it is much easier.

    It looks like what Kelly needs is support to follow her own chosen plan, whether she sticks with WW or decides to try something else. This is not the place to debate other blogs.

  12. Now I see what you were meaning, sorry that you have received all of this craziness. I think the best thing is to make up your own mind about whatever it is, read a bit, think a bit and make a decision, the best part is that its not a definate decision you must stick to, you decide who or what to follow, its up to you, the others who do or don't like the plan, well that's up to them, to me more information is better than less.
    I think you are a smart girl and can go to bat for yourself as per your most resent v-log.
    Don't forget, you can delete comments you don't want on your blog, this way you are not part of the craziness and the people responsible will see that you will just delete the crap.
    Either way, I will be here to support you :)

  13. I looked over the Points Plus and I like it. It encourages good carbs and lots of fruit and veggies. So, I think you'll do great.

    Best of luck and get super healthy while young. I am addressing my obesity at age 50, and trust me, my skin will never recover. Do this NOW, while you are elastic and fresh and young and cute and can enjoy having a rocking hot bod. :D

    Do it! You can !!!!!

    (There are lots of great Points Plus bloggers out there, with recipes and everything, so google them up and rock the program.)


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