Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Inside and Out

So a while back I learned at fat camp and of course from the Biggest Loser that if you're going to lose weight and fix the outside, you must also fix the inside. If you don't, you will go right back to your old ways. So I have decided to see a counselor. My first meeting with her was yesterday and I think I'm really going to like it. I was embarassed to go to one because we see counselors and therapists as for crazy people only. But after only an hour with her I felt so much better. I think it will be a good way to let my feelings out rather than eating my emotions. This morning my friend and I worked on our gym project because we waited until last minute and we made fiber one good! and only 3 points! but it is time for me to go back to class now :( but speaking of classes i went to one at the gym and it was awesome! I'm definitley going back to one maybe tonight!! :)


  1. I AM SO IMPRESSED! Wow, it takes someone with her head on straight to be smart enough to get help when she needs it, fantastic! Can I be you when I grow up?

  2. How did the counselling session go? Hope all is well!

  3. Hope everything is still going well, we haven't heard from you in a little bit!!

  4. Kelly - where are you???? How did the counseling go? How's the weight loss going?

    Don't stop blogging! Even if you messed up a little, don't stop. I wanted to quit when I gained back 20 pounds but it decided that was a stupid move.

    Hopefully you're doing well, and everything is great in your life. Either way, I want you to post. Please. Miss you and your enthusiasm! :)

  5. Kelly, I'm thinking about you!! Please come back and let us know how you are!!!


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