Thursday, February 4, 2010


PLEASE FORGIVE ME. I cannot believe it has been a WEEK since I have posted!! Im serious I have been so busy I feel like I was on here yesterday! But so on tuesday i wasnt planning on going to my weight watcher meeting. I know it's horrible but i am in this club and competition is right around the corner and i had that on top of homework and everything and I needed the time! But i did make time for the gym. Well as i'm walking out of the gym I run into my weight watcher leader!!! I was like no damn way! She was like oh kelly!! how are you? youre coming tonight right? How could I say no! I couldn't! But i did feel pretty beast that she saw me coming back sweating from the gym :) so I ended up going and I'm glad I did. Even if I'm already motivated, the meetings get me more pumped I love them! Also, I'm home from school and I'm about to watch a movie from netflix (LOVEEE netflix). I was scanning through documentaries because I'm a nerd and I love them and I came across "Fat: What no one is telling you" And its obvious what its about but im about to watch it in a few minutes here and I hope it scares the bejeezus out of me as extra motivation! Also, I found an amazing secret I must share with all of you! We bought fat free plain yogurt (disgusting by itself!) but then we added some of the ranch seasoning mix into it and it tastes like thick creamy ranch dressing!! Its so good and its only 1 point for 1/3 of a cup yogurt with 1/2 tbsp mix! Thats more dressing than you know how to use! Well that's all for now Pictures later tonight! Love all of you again sorry I've been caught up still cant believe its been a week damn!


  1. I'm so glad you're back!!!! And of course you'd run into your weight watchers leader, that's hilarious!!!

  2. Too funny, but I haven't posted in four days. Totally not like me.

    Love the dressing recipe. I'm going to have to try that as a veggie dip.

    Can't wait to hear about the movie. Sounds very interesting.

  3. OMG-I've never run into my leader!! Or anyone else from my meeting, which is pretty surprising considering how many people I know who are on the plan! Welcome back and looking forward to your photos:)


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