Sunday, February 7, 2010

Liquid Ass

Is the worst invention I have ever heard of. Make that ever have been a victim of. Basically today my friend's brother decided to spray me and her with this horrid thing. We literally smelled like poo I almost vomited. I couldn't believe who would invent such a thing let alone buy it. And let me tell you NO amount of febreeze takes away the smell. But it did help me not eat because i felt so sick. And as for pictures, I've decided to do biweekly instead to actually show progress. But i have been doing well and tomorrow ashley and I are going to a gym class where they will kick our asses!!!! How did everyone else do on superbowl? p.s. YAYAYAYAY for the Saints!


  1. That sounds horrid. I hope you get back at him somehow.

    I'm a Colts girl, myself, so I was bummed. But that's OK. They won a couple of years ago, and the Saints never had.

    Have fun at the gym!

  2. No way! Haha I got sprayed with this stuff too. Isn't it the most embarrassing thing EVER? Had to walk through a crowded mall too!

    Tom x


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