Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Open Doors!

Hey guys! Today is going really well Tuesdays are busy with school and work so I have that structure benefit. I am planning on heading to the gym afterwards so that should be fun! Haha But don't worry I didn't turn my back on my camera I will have a new video for you hopefully tonight. See you then!!

P.S. I have decided to take up the opportunity to study next year in Ireland...literally a dream come true! I have added a "widget" (funny word!) to the right of my blog. If you want to make a donation just click the "chip in" button and donate anything you want! A penny is a blessing!! But I know that things are tough these days and people don't even have enough money for themselves, hence, this fundraiser. So do not worry about it if you can't, your support is enough!! I love you all, posting a video later :)

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  1. So jealous of your Ireland trip. Don't ya know all Irish guys are hot. HAWT. But ya gotta study, too! Bummer. ;-) Wish I could give you something but I'm a poor student myself! Have you checked out the Lions Club International Fellowships? There is also another study abroad for a year international fellowship-ah yes Fulbright, also Unesco... Good luck!

    Polar's Mom


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