Saturday, July 28, 2012

spontaneous post! (please excuse grammar!)

Hey! I'm sitting in bed and felt the urge to post! While I don't expect to post every day I will be multiple times per week. But anyway si.ce i'm in bed tgere js novideo but we're goi.g retro with soe goodld fashion text :) tomorroe is the weight watchers weigh in and I'm ex,ited! I literally am excited all week to weigh in, I get sad Sunday nnights knowing ihave to wait a whole week haha But I've been doing awesome on my workouts thos wrek, been doing a lot of swim cardio I love it! But my trainer is on vacation this week so I'm on my own, & a little nervous s but im rxcited to test myself! I mean I know I cant afford a gorever so I need to be able to take from her tbhe skills yo move forward on my own. but i sm excited for my weigh in tomorrow i'll let you know jow it goeses, hope is well! (p.s. my phone is acting up and I cant.see what i'm typiing i hppe it xame out understandable!)

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  1. That was a little hard to read, but I got it. I'm so glad you're back and doing so well. Hiring a personal trainer four years ago was the best think I ever did for myself. I loved her. If I could afford it, I'd have one with me every time I go to the gym. Unfortunately, she was expensive, but worth every penny. She really pushed me hard and I still remember the things she taught me. #1 is if you're going to go to all the trouble to go to the gym, give it all you've got. No goofing off, really push yourself. Heavier weights, more reps. Focus on good form. Suck in your gut, shoulders back. She was always pulling back my shoulders and demanding I stand tall and straight. I'll never these things. They'll be with me forever.

    Good luck on you weighin, although sounds you don't need luck, you've got a week of hard work on your side already.

    Love that you're back to posting!


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